General event terms and conditions

Each participant rides at their own expense and risk. The road traffic regulations (STVO) must be observed. The organizer and the committee of commissaires reserve the right to make organizational changes (regulations, routing, special provisions, etc.). Any changes will be announced to the participants in good time.

The instructions of the executive, track marshals or officials must be followed. At dangerous road crossings, the marshals are obliged to stop the participants without exception in dangerous situations!!

Each participant accepts this invitation without reservation and automatically submits to it by participating in the stage race. The organizer rejects any liability. Only the orders of the named officials are valid. All notifications and orders that come from elsewhere are irrelevant. All documents for racing drivers are handed out in the permanence/registration. The participants must independently deposit their licenses with the Permanence for the duration of the tour. Identification is required for all non-licensed participants.

Riders are obliged to meet all financial obligations – race organisers assume no financial liability whatsoever. Caution and care is an obligation to all participants! Mountain biking can be a dangerous activity and the competitor assumes all risk and responsibility for their safety and well being. Riders are asked to adapt their speed to the prevailing condition of the tracks, weather and their own skills! Street regulation must under any circumstance be obeyed. Riders who violate the rules will be called to account. Bicycle helmets must be worn at all times during competition. Damaged helmets must be replaced. Level crossings with red lights are equal to gated level crossings and violations will be punished according to UCI-catalogue.

Participants must ride on the routes marked by the organization. Shortcuts or driving on unmarked trails is prohibited. Participants must cover the entire specified distance. The grace period is 50% of the winning time in the respective category per stage. The jury reserves the right to remove a participant from the race or from the ranking if he has not reached the prescribed time limit. If a competitor is unable to complete the stage due to mechanical problems or injury, the jury will decide whether the rider is allowed to continue the race. Prizes will only be paid if at least 5 participants start in each category.

Hygiene and environmental protection guidelines

Organization, participants and employees undertake to keep the start and finish area clean and to avoid damage to official or private property. When cleaning or repairing the bikes, the participants undertake not to leave behind any oil or grease residues or material. The organization assumes no liability for damaged bikes or luggage!! Do not lean bikes against vehicles!! The organization assumes no liability for damage or theft of any kind.

Premature termination of the RACE or stage

Participants who end stages prematurely must report immediately to the organizer on site, the Race Office or the emergency number given on the back of the start number. For teams or participants who do not register with the Race Office in person or under the phone number provided for this purpose, the organizer will initiate a search campaign at the expense of the participant.

Force majeure

If the event or individual stages are canceled or aborted due to force majeure (e.g. bad weather, pandemic, fire, flooding, storms, government measures, travel restrictions) or for reasons for which the organizer is not responsible, the organizer will be released from his performance obligations , and the organizer is not liable for damages incurred by the contractual partner or the participants for this reason (e.g. travel or accommodation costs). If the event or individual stages are relocated in terms of location and/or time due to force majeure (e.g. bad weather) for reasons for which the organizer is not responsible, the organizer will be released from his performance obligations and the organizer will not be liable for damage caused to the event contractual partners or the participants for this reason (e.g. travel or accommodation costs). A reimbursement of participation fees is excluded in the cases described above. Participants are eligible to participate in the rescheduled event.

Cancellation by the participants*

If participants are no longer able to take part in the 2024 event for any reason, he has the following options:

  1. Transfer of the paid participation fee minus 10% to the 2025 event – valid until 15. June 2024
  2. Transfer of the paid participation fee minus 7% to another person – valid until 15. June 2024
  3. If you cancel the registration, you will receive a refund minus a cancellation fee according to the conditions below.

Cancellation refund amounts are explained below:

Before 01 March 2024 – minus 25% (cancellation fee included)
Before 01 May 2024 – minus 50% (cancellation fee included)
No refunds are possible after May 1st, 2024.

* Excluded: Starting places that have already been postponed and vouchers that have been postponed redeemed are not part of these cancellation rules and are not entitled to a refund of the entry fee or transfer to another person or to the 2025 event.

Postponement of the event

If the organizer is forced to postpone the Alpentour Trophy due to (e.g. bad weather, pandemic, fire, flooding, storms, official measures), participation will automatically be transferred to the new date. If the new date is not possible for the participant, we will refund the participation fee paid less 25% (applies only to new registrations for the Alpentour Trophy 2024. Entry fees and vouchers that have already been transferred are excluded from this. The application for a refund must be made within 30 days of notification of the new date. The date will be announced via email, Facebook, Instagram and website.

Cancellation insurance for participants

We always remind our participants and companions that they must be in possession of international accident insurance. In addition, we recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance, which also covers you in the event of accidents, injuries, the inability to travel or flight changes.

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