Hauser Kaibling
60 km/2130 vm


TFZ 1 Haus im ENNSTAL KM 21,0
ParkingLift Station Hauser Kaibling Bahn
NAVI: Hauser Kaibling
47°24‘41.47“N / 13°46‘53.71“E

TFZ 2 Krummholz Hütte KM 42,2
Cabel car station “TAUERN SEILBAHN”
NAVI: Kaiblingstraße 118, 8967 Haus
47°24‘22.22“N / 13°45‘58.95“E
ATTENTION!! The cable car has only a capacity for 80 people/h. Don´t forget the SOMMERCARD!

Timing by Ø 23 km/h

  • Lodenwalker 9,5 km / 10:24 Uhr
  • TFZ 1 Hauser Kaibling 21,0 km / 10:54 Uhr
  • Bodensee Parkplatz 28,9 km / 11:15 Uhr
  • Knappl Hütte 36,8 km / 11:36 Uhr
  • TFZ 2 Krommholzhütte 42,2 / 11:50 Uhr
  • Kessleralm 54,0 km / 12:20 Uhr
  • Start Downhill 58,9 km / 12:33 Uhr
  • Ziel 60,00 km / 12:36 Uhr

Stage description

Stage 1: Schladming – Hauser Kaibling – Schladming

For the last time, the Alpentour will start from the main square and, as in the first two stages, the race will be neutralized to the end of the town, where the race director will give the signal to start. The stage looks easy at first glance because of its 55 km, but it still packs a punch. First it goes along the Enns on beautiful paths up to the first feedingstation in Haus im Ennstal, 250 vertical meters and 18.6 km must be covered. From now on it’s uphill and that’s a very long one, exactly 18.5 km and 1240 vm ascent to the second feedingstation and to the King/Queen of the mountain classification at the 1840 m high Krummholzhütte.

It is definitely the longest climb in the Alpentour Trophy, with an average travel time of 1:30 minutes. The descent from Hauser Kaibling to the finish at the Planai Stadium is almost as long as the ascent, mostly on beautiful paths, only a short climb at km 48 disturbs the relaxing descent. As on the days before, the steep and technical Planai finish slope, on which the World Cup skiers race down into the valley at high speed in winter, need to be mastered once again.

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