Competition guidelines

The greatest caution is made obligatory for all participants in the race. Mountain biking is a very dangerous activity! All participants assume responsibility and risk for their own safety and well-being. Each participant is obliged to adjust the speed to the conditions of the route, the weather conditions and his or her riding skills. The police regulations must be strictly followed and observed without exception! The organizer rejects any liability and responsibility for any violations and their consequences. There is an absolute obligation to wear a helmet! Level crossings secured by red lights are equivalent to closed level crossings and violations are punished according to the UCI catalog of penalties.

The same time will be used for all riders who cross the finish line in a group and separated by no more than 1 second. Penalties or disqualifications at a stage or from the event will be imposed for gross violations of the regulations. Instructions from the police and race commissioners (including medical staff) must be strictly followed under all circumstances. Helmets are compulsory throughout the event. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in immediate disqualification. Damaged helmets must be replaced. The organization may remove a competitor from the competition if his bike does not meet the requirements.

Participants must ride on the routes marked by the organization. Shortcuts or driving on unmarked trails is prohibited. Participants must cover the entire specified distance. The time-limit periode is 50% of the winning time in the respective category per stage. The jury reserves the right to remove a participant from the race or from the ranking if he has not reached the prescribed time-limit. If a competitor is unable to complete the stage due to mechanical problems or injury, the jury will decide whether the rider is allowed to continue the race. Prizes will only be paid if at least 5 participants start in each category.

Vehicles of the team supervisors
are NOT allowed to drive on the route of the Alpentour Trophy.

Starting numbers and leadership jerseys

The start number must not be changed or reduced! Leadership jerseys: The leaders in the overall, mountain and women’s classifications are obliged to wear the jerseys provided by the organizer with the sponsor’s inscription. Under no circumstances may the sponsors of the organizer be pasted over. Personal sponsors are allowed on the jerseys (chest side below the official sponsor) as long as the size does not exceed 25 x 25 cm.

Hygiene and environmental protection guidelines

Organization, participants and employees undertake to keep the start and finish area clean and to avoid damage to official or private property.

When cleaning or repairing the bikes, the participants undertake not to leave behind any oil or grease residues or material. The organization assumes no liability for damaged bikes or luggage!! Do not lean bikes against vehicles!! The organization assumes no liability for damage or theft of any kind.

Racers are made aware that dumping empties (materials that will not decompose) on the circuit is prohibited. All bars and gels must be marked with the start number. The race directors do spot checks before each start! Defecation during the stage within built-up areas or in front of spectators is strictly forbidden. (Violations will be punished according to the UCI catalog of penalties).

Route marking

The Alpentour route is marked by the organization with neon-green arrows. Nevertheless, we appeal to all participants to orientate themselves and to appear at the respective driver briefings before the start!

Premature termination of the RACE or stage

Participants who end stages prematurely must report immediately to the organizer on site, the Race Office or the emergency number given on the back of the start number. For teams or participants who do not de-register with the Race Office in person or under the phone number provided for this purpose, the organizer will initiate a search campaign at the expense of the participant.

Alpentour Adventure

Teams of 2 are only rated if they reach the finish together. This means that the first team member cannot be more than two minutes away from the second team member.

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